Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Origin of Bhrigu Samhita - Zodiac Signs

Maharishi Bhriguji
It is said that Maharṣhi  Bhṛigu insulted Lord Viṣhṇu while trying to determine who amongst the Trinity of Brahma, Viṣhṇu and Shiva is the greatest, but apologized immediately for his mistake and Lord Viṣhṇu instead apologized to him. Upon seeing Lord Viṣhṇu's humility Maharṣi Bhṛigu declared him to be the greatest. But Lakṣhmī (the goddess symbolizing prosperity), wife of Lord Vishnu perceived it as an insult of her husband. She gave a curse to Maharishi Bhṛigu, that he and his community (Brahmins) to which he represents will be parted away from wealth. After apologizing from Goddess too, she suggested him to write Bhṛigu Saṃhita which contains predictions. In this way, Brahmins can earn their living by telling past, present and future of people.

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